Die im Schatten sieht man nicht – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 33

Well, the 7-way super-close-up is setting a record for the BMC, and that alone justifies its existence…and alone that justifies its existence, I admit, but, anyway…

And it doesn’t actually work too badly…it’s more the seven-way thought bubble that works badly, rather than the actual panel. I shouldn’t have overlaid them, I guess, but there just wasn’t enough space on the side to fit them there. But, really, you ain’t missing much – what would protagonists think that’s particularly original, in a situation like this? I think it’s safe to assume it’s all just standard thoughts of anxiety and apprehension, after all the whole scene was set up to induce those in cast and audience alike.

Everything that goes on before the record-setting panel is standard for the situation – the Professorian even asks the completely useless, but obligatory, question: “Was there something moving in the shadows, or am I imagining things?”. With his level of experience at being a fictional character, he should actually be aware of the answer: it’s always A if you’re in a movie, and it’s always B if you’re in real life. But he knows he has to ask it, so ask it he does.

To follow up on that, we get some hard-to-read detail shots of the approaching threats, while the other party-members make solid efforts at implying dread and doom. Points to Gregory for noticing how the atmosphere changes – from more and more oppressive to ever more oppressive. It takes finely-tuned senses to pick up on such a subtle change, especially if you’re thinking about giant spiders at that moment (for some reason).

And bonus points to Mopey for playing it straight, and not making any remarks about how she enjoys the dark and oppressive mood…perhaps she’s getting used to the thought of momentarily not being at the very height of her gothicness, after all.

Aside from the slight issue with the overlaid thought bubbles, I think the scene has been set quite effectively for the appearance of…

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2 Replies to “Die im Schatten sieht man nicht – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 33”

  1. Looks like the camera got stuck at adult head-height again. I have to wonder if the Professorian’s thoughts were on the situation or complaining about that happening once again.

    I just realized in a dark forest like this, having a fairy is like painting a big bull’s-eye on your team and shouting at the top of your lungs where you are and that you’re very delicious.

    1. They were on the situation, if fact. I just checked, and his assigned text is “I can feel the fury coming… head’s already getting lighter… one little thing more, and I’m going off like a rocket.”

      And yeah, Si’ri is kinda un-stealthy. A while back K’ip had that convenient lampshade to deal with that problem, but they’re obviously no longer using that. Perhaps they’ve just given her a ring of stealth or some similar artifact, making her magically difficult to spot in spite of being so hard to overlook. XD

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