Dimwit – Intermission, Strip 13

And thus Biff concludes the intermission in style.

I’m not saying it’s good style…or even just average style…or even anything above bottom-of-the-barrel style, but it’s undeniably style.

In conclusion:

The first part of the intermission demonstrated that the changes in the timeline caused by our heroes have only marginally affected their universe – it’s a little bit more bizarre than our world, but given how bizarre our world is, it’s hardly much of a difference.

And the foreshadowing part uncovered two valuable pieces of information: Gregory is no longer a full-half-dead zombie, but at most a half-half-dead one. Or perhaps even only a quarter-half-dead one (which would make him less dead than most normal people are before their first cup of coffee in the morning). Specifics to be revealed later.

And the second important piece of information: The villain of the next chapter is going to be TV’s Frank’s mother. Unless it’s spinach, after all.

But, anyway, the intermission is over, and whoever the villain of the next chapter might happen to be, the chapter starts on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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