Only with the lights out. – Intermission, Strip 14

So this is something I wanted to get done before the next chapter – Gregory’s return to full…well, perhaps not full, but definitely fuller humanity. This comes with a marked increase in his ability to communicate, and that alone will make him a much more valuable team member in the upcoming chapter.

Having this change occur during the intermission has certain advantages – for one thing, I don’t have to reveal Gregory’s new design right away, thanks to the complete foreshadowing going on right now. And for the other thing, I can show how Mopey brought about this change in her boyfriend with the help of her powerfuly Magixs. Or Magicks. Or Magiks. She isn’t really pedantic about that – you can spell it anyway you like, as long as you don’t spell it ‘magic’.

For Mopey would probably have been perfectly willing to demonstrate her ritual even under better light conditions, but that would have been a little bit more specific than I actually wanted to be about it. Doing it in the dark leaves all options open, I thought it would be funnier that way.

One more intermissionary strip on Thursday, and on Monday, June 22nd, the new chapter will finally start.

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