Dork Crystal – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 128

Yeah, you really can’t blame Latho for this – it rally comes with the genre.

You just can’t avoid having at least some element of esotericism in a magical-girls story. I mean, it’s called magical girls for a reason. Of course, it could have been something else than crystals…essential oils, for example, as Latho suggested. Or birthstones, horoscopes, witchcraft, you name it. But I felt crystals is really the classic – plus, probably, the most versatile of those various elements. I mean, it’s shown up in Godzilla movies, Final Fantasy games and a lot of other places that aren’t the absolute worst. I don’t think you could say the same for essential oils. >_>

Aside from this, Latho is really just pointing out the obvious* – defeating the chief henchman/monster of a villain isn’t yet ultimate victory. The villain themselves also needs to be defeated. It’s not really a difficult concept? But, yeah, our team here isn’t really the first group of heroes who had this kind of premature celebration at this point – it’s really quite common. Perhaps writers just feel a small breather before the big fight is in order? Although the protagonists might prefer a savepoint instead…but that’s a different medium. In any case, the final confrontation looms.

More on Thursday.

* Well, in a way Latho is even pointing out two obvious things: aside from the premature-celebration-thing, there’s also the issue that maintaining a kiss from Thursday to Monday is a bit excessive, as far as PDA goes… >_>

4 Replies to “Dork Crystal – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 128”

  1. I already had a feeling it wouldn’t be truly over before a boss battle with the queen.
    One point in their favor is that it will be in an eastern enclave and not on the north pole like a certain other magical girl story.

    1. Yeah, I definitely can’t use the North Pole for the climactic fight – not in this media environment. The low temperatures would turn the evil queen into an ice queen, and then’s she would have to sing “Let it go!”, and suddenly she’d be the heroine of the piece. ._.

  2. They should register a world record for the longest kiss.
    I don’t remember what a current world record is, but I doubt it’s longer then 12 hours.

    1. I just checked, and apparently it’s 58 hours! So, quite a bit more than 12 hours, but Mopey and Gregory would still have broken it easily with their 96 hour make-out session. XD

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