Drafty in here – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 78

And thus Admiral Watanabe commences to reveal his masterful plan – reluctantly, perhaps, but (unfortunately) quite thoroughly. He just is that kind of guy.

First he’s covering the basics – part of which had already been pre-revealed by the Professor some time ago. The Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, and all that. The only new part would be that the Admiral sees Japan as his main obstacle, although even that was already somewhat hinted at in the fact that he had sent two monsterific task forces there. Which only leaves the question why he does see Japan as an obstacle, but I’m sure he’ll cover that ground soon – he has to. >_>

In the meantime, let’s marvel at the Admiral’s draughtsmanship. First he drew a copy of a WWII era propaganda poster, then a picture of his tank assembly line (looking exactly like a background render with a filter applied) and then an elaborate, old-fashioned map of Japan. And each of those pictures was drawn in the short break between two panels! And on top of that, he only has a single, black marker. >_>

I would have liked to depict the admiral during the actual drawing process, but his expositionary speech is already long and meandering enough without having him go into Bob-Ross-mode in between. (“And here lives a happy little derrick with a happy Japanese flag next to it. And over here…”)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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