Tokyo Babylon – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 79

As you can see, Admiral Watanabe continues to be an excellent draughtsman and a very poor raconteur. I promise he’ll get to the interesting part soon, but there was no way to completely omit the ideological background of his actions – it just wouldn’t be realistic for this type of villain to explain only his actions and skip his twisted motivation.

His ideology, by the way, is pretty much boilerplate for his type of stock character, outdated nationalism plus desperate pining for past days of glory…the bad old days misremembered as good old days, which they really were, at most, for a very small subset of people the Admiral had the privilege to belong to. Plus, of course, misconstruing the good new days as bad. This kind of ideology is pretty much mandatory for the “WWII-holdover” type of fictional character, both for this Japanese version as for the more common German version…and it’s actually very similar for the newer iteration of the type, the “Cold War-holdover”.

The Admiral was never really intended as being relevant to current events in any way…but between the summer of 2015, when I wrote the character, and late November of 2017, when I created the actual strip, events in Britain and the US kind of conspired to add an element of chilling currency to his incoherent babbling. I was tempted to actually make that explicit in this strip, but ultimately decided against it. But if I had done it, it would have looked like this:

And, yeah, the Admiral plans to wipe out Tokyo and evirons. If you happen to hate Doraemon and Visual Kei as much as he does, that’s really the only way to restore things to their proper order. ._.

More on Thursday.

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