Egg-Foo-Fighters – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 3

I’ve never really understood why the Air Force scrambles fighters. I mean, doesn’t that mess them up? I’d imagine they have a lot of small and fragile parts that would break of easily, but are likely still important in some way. Not going to diss anyone’s personal taste, of course, but if I ever end up in command of an air force, I would have all of the fighters launched sunny side up. >_>

And yes, of course the Japanese Air Self Defense Force would have very, very sophisticated shape-matching equipment. The only reason why it looks just like the equipment the Professor used to identify that Dunkleosteus a few chapters back is that the Professor of course would also have very, very sophisticated shape-matching equipment. They probably even shop at the same place for it, Very-very-sophisticated-shape-matching-equipment’R’Us. The world’s leading specialist retailer for very, very sophisticated shape-matching equipment. Sorry, no prop budget economizing to see here, at all. >_>

I’ve also decided to give a definite answer to the same ship/not the same ship question that arose in the last strip. With a compromise: It’s the same crew, but on a new ship named after the old one – the latest one sunk in a long, long story full of bizarre coincidences and general bad luck. XD

More on Thursday!

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