Yacht and Deathstyle – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 4

So this one is a bit of a mix between old and new. Ineffecitve air attacks agains kaiju are, of course, a staple of the genre, so nothing new there. The only thing I’ve altered is the reason for the inefficiency – it a classic kaiju movie it’s usually because the beast is simply immune to the effects of conventional ammunitions, but I’ve gone for a more realistic reason: target identification.

In the defense of the pilots, kaiju aren’t a target category pilots train for, while ships are. (Also note that it’s a completely different ship and crew now, and not a third unlucky day for the Orochimaru. I’m merciful, that way.)

Aircraft chosing the wrong type of ammunitions to engage some target is something of a notorious slip-up in movies and TV, and not only in the kaiju genre. The Stinger missile in particular is no longer as popular for that as it once was, however. During the eighties, just about every missile showing up in a movie was identified as a Stinger, due to all of the press attention on it at that time – never mind the fact that it’s really not much of a multi-role weapon in real life.

Anway, one can only hope the scrambled eggs turned out better than the scrambled fighters. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*additional additional hint: don’t get into an argument about whether it’s a ‘chart’ or a ‘map’, either.

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