End of the Track – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 107

And thus ends chapter 7 of the B-movie Comic, “Stockades & Skeletons”.

On a cliffhanger, no less. >_> Well, B-movie, and all that…=P

There will be a short prologue, tying up at least a few of the various loose threads, and then it’s off to chapter 8. In which that mysterious letter might play a prominent role. Or not. You never know, given how dodgy continuity is around here. =P

Anyway, the chapter is over, thanks a lot for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, or parts of it, at least. It was a wild ride, indeed…or, at least, it featured a wild ride (twice!). Close enough.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “End of the Track – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 107”

  1. Wait, no word from the director? No torturing Lee? No explaining how the fantasy special effects are done?

    1. I stopped doing that behind-the-scenes-stuff a long while ago…essentially, because it was getting very repetitive. There’s just so many jokes you can make about the process of movie-making, and they’re largely independent from the actual subject of the movie. But, yeah, it’s been a long while, perhaps I should start to throw on of those in again, every now and then…

      1. Understandable, but I expected some jokes like: “We needed to hire new actors, but George was too greedy, so Professorian was Lee in a mask, adult Snuka was also Lee on very high heals. And Team Evil was entirely a stock footage from the previous film that was edited out, but it worked nicely here.”

        1. Before I came up with the idea to combine Tiamat with Trogdor, I actually played around with the idea of having the Tiamat-stand-in be the kaiju from chapter two with three extra heads (unconvincingly) glued onto it. XD In that case it would have been pretty obvious that it’s Lee underneath…but then, nothing bad ever happened to that character in this chapter, so that would have been an unusually relaxing assignment for him, anyway.

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