End of the Tree Line – Chapter 7, Prologue 25

And with her acute observation on the sound it doesn’t make when a cat steps out of the forest, Si’ri puts the kibosh on my plan to work in some Dune parody material here. I’ll have to save it for some other occasion. >_> But at least you’ve gotten a little preview of what the sandworms will look like when the day finally arrives. =P I would have included a preview of my Vladimir-Harkonnen-Expy as well, but found no way to work that into Si’ri dialog smoothly.

Si’ri other observation is also quite accurate. RPG worlds tend to have rather crisp borders between different types of terrain, especially computer RPGs, and even vastly different types of terrain. On an overview map, it doesn’t look too jarring, but if you imagine it from a first-person-perspective, like here, you have to wonder how a lush forest can segue into a scorched desert quite that suddenly. Savannah, anyone?

Well, I doubt K’ip is really wondering about that ‘how’, right now – but once they’ve made it some distance into the desert, he’ll probably start wondering about ‘why’, precisely, he had to leave his native forest, for the first time in his life, into quite so inhospitable a direction. Cats do like their sunny spots, but when everywhere is a sunny spot it kinda gets old fast. >_>

Uh, more on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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