End User Losing Agreement – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 82

OK, so I have to apologize for implying that Admiral Watanabe seemed to have overlooked a crucial aspect in his master plan (technically, Plan B, so Assitant Master Plan) – the potential unwillingness of the mecha-kaiju pilot to fulfill his part to his bitter end.

But it turns out he didn’t overlook it, after all – he made sure it was in the contract, and just relied on the mercenary not to read all of those pages and pages of fine print, most of which was meaningless boilerplate concerning highly hypothetical scenarios. It’s like the old trick to keep the source code for your software product safe – just write it right into the middle of your EULA. Nobody is ever going to find it there. ._.

So that’s the moral lesson for today: always read the fine print.

The mecha-kaiju pilot very much regrets not doing that, right now. He also rather regrets his earlier victory over the bio-kaiju right now. Back then, he naturally wanted nothing to be left standing in his way…but at this moment, he’d be actually really grateful for things standing in his way, and understandably so. Unfortunately, the bio-kaiju isn’t standing right now, and apparently incapable of doing so. It’s lying, and not even in the mecha-kaiju’s way. Poking with a stick, while usually always a very suitable first step in research, is unlikely to help a lot. ._.

So that’s the amoral lesson for today: never defeat your enemy throughly, unless you’re completely sure they can’t be any more use to you later.

Two lessons in one strip! Kaiju movies are so dang educational. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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