Plan B in all its glory – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 81

And, as promised, here’s Admiral Watanabe’s Plan B. As he himself admits, it’s fundamentally the same as his Plan A, just replacing muscle power with robotics, as is the fashion in these days.

Still, at least he has a Plan B…that alone sets him apart from the average B-movie villain, who feels that it would be an overabundance of caution to have a Plan B, even if their Plan A relies on dozens of shaky assumptions and random variables.

And the Admiral gets rewarded for his appropriateandnotoverabundance of caution, for his Plan B is already on the very verge of success! The mecha-kaiju is in position to deliver the fatal strike, and our heroes seem to be absolutely helpless to do anything about that! What could stop him now?

Well, actually…perhaps there could be slight hitch in his Plan B, if you look veeerrryyy carefully. It seems the Admiral has not explicitly told the mecha-kaiju pilot that he’s expected to joyfully lay down his life for the good cause. I’m sure Watanabe just didn’t feel that that would be necessary, given how something like that should go without saying…but the question is, does the mecha-kaiju pilot feel the same? Especially, right now? >_> Tune in on Thursday for the exiciting answer!

By the way, Admiral Watanabe’s plan to use “fake news” to cover up for the somewhat more troubling optics of his Plan B is another thing that I had written before the US election season – without ever expecting that subsequent events might make it come over as anything other than a joke. >_>

More on Thursday.

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