Enter the fashionista – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 9

Well, the Professor likes to hang around the cutting edge when it comes to science, but when it comes to fashions he sometimes yearns for the good, old days of yore. Wearing an onion on your belt was not only the style at that time, it also supplied you with a handy and healthy snack wherever hunger might suddenly strike you!

Not that he considers his adoptive son a particularly egregious example of misguided teenager fashions, of course. After all, the kid does wear a suit and tie. And his trousers are neither backwards, nor usually down at his ankles. In fact, most of the time he dresses quite commendably! Just whenever he’s out shopping, he picks up these strange ideas about how to wear his pants…likely from some no-good peers at the mall!…this time, these ridiculous fashions make him look like he’s got a dozen bottles of wine in his pants! Last week, it looked like a TV set (just like the one, in fact, that he sold to Biff later in the day), and the week before that…

In areas beyond fashion, though, the Professor’s sense of propriety and tradition deserves only praise – for example when it comes to cars. The Professor knows what car an eccentric scientist like him is supposed to drive, and he’d never use anything else but a DeLorean to get around. And he’d sure never touch a Tesla – he considers them a grave insult to the name of a good old friend of his! And while a Tesla might get good mileage, his DeLorean, thanks to some modifications, gets awesome voltage! Especially if it’s hooked up to a lightning rod at just the right moment…

More on Thursday!

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