Enter the Snookums – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 8

The similarity between the Dean’s name and the name of the new mall opening on campus DID raise some eyebrows at first, but the local newspaper looked into it, and apparently everything was perfectly in order. Contrary to earlier rumors, the Dean Mart is not owned by the Dean. It’s actually owned by some company on the Cayman Islands – and, funny coincidence, that company’s name is Jeanne, just like the Dean’s wife! But of course she isn’t involved with the management of the Dean Mart, either – she’s much to busy publishing the local newspaper…Jeanne is probably just a popular name with those Cayman Islanders.

Usurprisingly, Snuka brings up the rear in regards to cast re-introduction. It’s just the most-favoured position, in his opinion – it gives you the best protection and allows you to keep an eye on the enemy and on your “friends” at the same time. He’d never let himself get caught up front.

…well, at least not until there was a whole lot of money involved.

Now, very perceptive readers might notice some very subtle signs that, perhaps, possibly, to some very minor degree Snuka might not have entirely given up on his extralegal tendencies. And, yeah, there might be a kernel of truth to that, but keep looking at the positive side, too – he’s definitely working on straightening out his ways. After all, he’s not using a fake ID to buy alcohol, even though he’s entirely capable of producing fake IDs – as evidenced by the fact that he’s selling quite a lot of them. But no, he knows that it would be wrong, wrong, wrong to use such an underhanded tactic. Instead he steals his booze fair and square, thus honoring an old piratical tradition – which has been statistically proven to fight global warming. And he takes his responsibility for Mother Earth very seriously, obviously, especially since she’s the only mother he knows.

As for his re-design, it’s only very minor. I think the black suit he started wearing last chapter suited him rather well, so I kept that – I only gave him a slightly different hairdo and a hint of facial hair…or a desperate and doomed attempt at cultivating facial hair, rather. I mean, obviously Snuka’s growing older, too, and he just isn’t the type who wouldn’t at least try to look more like Tom Selleck.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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