Enter the Prof – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 7

And here we see the Professor again, after a long…well, not really long…probably not even long enough to justify the changes in his appearance…but, after an absence.

I’ve moderately re-designed him, since the design he had during the last chapter made him, ultimately, look more physically attractive than I had actually intended. He’s a Professor, he should focus on being intellectually attractive!

Main features of the re-design are a notably receded hairline, a different style of facial hair and a less aquiline nose. And since those changes happened a bit too quickly to blame them on age, I’d say the best guess is that Biff accidentally hit him in the face with some piece of equipment (hence the new nose), which caused him to pull out his hair in frustration at Biff’s stupidity. Mildly depressed at this sequence of events, he decided to change his beard to symbolically turn a new leaf. Alternatively, he changed his beard because he realized that with his new hairstyle and his old moustache, he looked too much like Dr. Wily.

What remains unchanged is his deep and abiding committment to science and the advance of the human species, of course! *cough*aswellashistendencytoattachalowprioritytoconsideringthemoraldimension*cough* To put his reference to the research ethics department into perspective, you might still remember that the research ethics department at Lillytown U is chaired by Hitler’s brain in a jar, due to recent budget cuts. In the Professor’s defence, however, I should add that it’s really a pain in the ass to have to do that kind of research with non-human, non-mutated feti. ._.

More on Thursday!

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