Enter the goths – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 6

And the formal re-introductions continue with Mopey and her beau (beau-er than ever), Gregory (not as gory as before).

In their case, the re-designing is rather more pronounced. I wasn’t really happy with either of the two designs Mopey had in the last chapter, so finding something more fitting for her had a high priority. And I’m much happier with the new design, as it now stands – I think it strikes a much better balance between attractiveness and gothicness than either of the old designs, and it eliminates the flaring collar that used to get in the way of her hair, and gave me so much trouble when drawing her. =P

Gregory received an even more pronounced upgrade, befitting of the more articulate role he’s supposed to be playing from here on. The main things I kept were his hair color and the (superfluous) goggles. For his outfit I settled on something matching Mopey, just perhaps with a hint of steampunk added.

Naturally, this re-introduction called for a fitting setting, as well…but since they’re supposed to be at their place of work, Lillytown U campus, the closest I could realistically get to one was a broom closet spruced up with a faux-stonewall wallpaper and a poster of Whitby Abbey on the outside. It’s nice they got that, at least – shows that Lillytown U is taking their committment to diversity serious, even if it took Mopey somewhat misleadingly convincing the Dean that the “G” in “GLBT” stood for “goth”.

Gregory’s darkly gothic poem comes courtesy, as always, of the Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator. For of course I couldn’t risk trying to come up with a suitable poem, myself – I might have endangered William Topaz McGonagall’s title.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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