Ep. 26: Take care of yourself. – Chapter 2, Strip 380


Man, I can’t believe it’s really done. There were some points were it seemed like this chapter would just never end, and now it’s finally done…

And, despite all of the repetitiveness and the strange, drawn-out tangents, I kept worrying about perhaps being too subtle about the whole Human Instrumentality thing. A very few readers caught on pretty early, but I think the majority only “got it” after that one time I mentioned NGE and Instrumentality in one of my comments. I guess it just was one of those things that are really obvious once you are aware of them, but just barely noticeable in the first place. Or it might have been the ‘B-movie’ thing that kept threwing people of…it could easily been about real zombies, if you think about it, instead of philosophical zombies. And while I had Rei show up in one of the early panels, I guess a lot of people simply overlooked her.

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