Epilogical annoyance – Chapter 2, Strip 394

That was a pretty close call for the Professor. He was aware that no self-respecting villain would still be employing tired and over-used genre standards like the epilogical henchman attack, but he overlooked a very important detail in the process – that Akuns isn’t a self-respecting villain. (How could he be? No self-respecting villain would hang around in my comic, anyway. ._.)

Fortunately for the Professor, Akun’s last henchman standing turned out to be nobody more threatening than a harmless market researcher – although some people might find that makes him more than repulsive enough. Naturally, any further research on Earth people’s potential acceptance of tyranny imposed from space is pretty much pointless by now, but Akuns happened to pay for the whole thing in advance, so it’ll be seen through to the end. And in a way, I guess that means that Akuns did get his revenge on the Professor – by costing the Prof. 10 valuable minutes of his day spent in vague annoyance, Akuns’ revenge was about as effective as anything else he’s done.

More on Monday.

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