Exinpiatory Sacrifice – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 15

Yeah, bladed weapons are a lot more useful in clearing foliage than blunt ones…but it’s not only the practical side that gives Mopey pause concerning her choice of signature weapon. She’s perfectly able to bludgeon her way through the jungle, after all, even if it takes more effort – but it just doesn’t look as good as slicing her way through the jungle would have looked.

And Snuka only reinforces her doubts in her choice, even if his remark was intended precisely the other way.

But she can’t really switch horses right in the middle of the race, anyway, so she’s stuck with the mallet until the next chapter break, at the least.

And then her next blunder completely took her mind off the issue, anyway. For you have to admit, that was pretty dumb of her. She did notice that the inhabitants of the village were blatant stereotypes, and yet she still went in with anthropology, instead of literary crit. She’s female. On an island with a monster on it. And a native village. And she really didn’t see the sacrifice thing coming from a mile away?

More on Thursday!

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