Welcome to the Twilight Zoning – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 14

So here it is revealed which circumstances saved our friends from the relentless pursuit they had every reason to expect. It was an obstacle more insurmountable (yes, I know that the word ‘insurmountable’ can not logically have a comparative form, it’s just a figure of speech) than any towering cliff or raging river: buerocratic red tape.

I felt it would only be realistic that a combination of too small an island and too much free time on the hands of military bureaucrats would inevitably lead to a situation where space on Aravanadi would end up being tightly overregulated. Drawing lines on maps is just kind of addictive…the first few might even have been reasonable and necessary, but then there was just no stopping anymore.

Lesson of the day: The phrase “Everything covered!” is only appreciated when it comes in reply to an isurance claim.

In other news, this strip formally introduces the villain, as you’ve probably guessed, although he remains only a voice and a hand for now. (A male voice, I should add.) Facts immediately established on him: high military rank and massive hard-on for zoning. Marginal but extant capacity for self-doubt.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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