Facing it – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 42

Well, if you thought that a giant wheel of Gouda cheese is the worst nemesis a man could have, think again!

Gregory’s personal nemesis is far, far worse than any amount of Maaslander – and that’s saying something.

But of course his case did require a special solution – he’s been dead and recovered from it repeatedly*, so death alone wouldn’t hold much of a sting for him anymore.

So what could be possibly much worse than death? Well, being alive, of course. It’s a horrifying ordeal for anybody, but in Gregory’s case it’s much worse by virtue of the haphazard and random way he’s been disposed of and resurrected repeatedly. Everyone else at least has their parents to blame for their existence, but Gregory has no one else to blame but shoddy B-movie script writing and cheap literary cop-outs. It can’t be easy facing new day after new day like that.

Plus, being surrounded by swirling chaos is never particularly helpful in finding value in your existence. Just believe me on that one, in case you haven’t yet experienced it yourself.**

More (but hopefully less Existentialism) on Monday.

* You might think the same applies to Snuka, put he hasn’t actually been dead as such. He’s only been sent to the Netherlands of the Force, which isn’t quite as bad as death…just a lot more boring. The Netherlands of the Force is a place akin to the Shadow Realm – a way for people to die without being technically dead for the purposes of protecting youngsters’ impressionable minds.

** To the degree that’s even still possible. I mean, aren’t you watching the news, or something? =P

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