Fake – thus the JSDF fought there! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 16

So now the ground forces spring into action. You can clearly see that those aren’t the airforce guys from before by the fact that they wear different uniforms. Also notice the difference between the radar screen seen before and this…uh…highly-sophisticated..uh…tactical display…thingy. It’s quite clear that that’s exactly the kind of thing that a ground forces air traffic controller…wait, that should be ground traffic controller…would use to plot and control the movements of ground forces.*

Alerted to the monster’s landfall by its appearance on the display, the senior officer immediately orders his Model 85 tanks to move out! His initial mislabelling of those powerful armoured fighting vehicles is perfectly excusable, by the way – Japanese tanks have a noted tendency to look like plastic models from a distance. Especially on film. Especially in the context of a kaiju movie, in fact. It’s a side effect of their camouflage. Their highly-sophisticated camouflage.

It has the added boon of making the kaiju less self-aware abou their body image around the tanks.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* The planes on the display are probably, like, Army Air Force planes. Or perhaps they’re just there for decoration.

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