Oh, yeah! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 15

With her trusty mallet in hand, the flimsy plasterboard wall naturally can’t stand up to Mopey. And she has developed such mastery in the handling of that particular weapon, she’s now even able to create a phantasm of the Kool-Aid-Man as she strikes. Talk about impeccable style!

Unfortunately, it still ends up only as a partial success – the wall was no obstacle, but the room behind it is nigh impenetrable. The Professor was devious enough to put Mopey’s cell right next to one of the restrooms. Of course he knows that Mopey, being a movie character, not only doesn’t need to use a restroom, she can’t even enter one as long as the camera is around. (Well, at least on this production she can’t. It’s true that some more recent movies take a more casual approach to that once ironclad rule, but Nolan runs a tight and decent ship. Underfunded, run-down, sinking, adrift and on fire, but tight and decent.)

And yeah, Mopey compares the Professor to the Devil for that. I mean, not that she doesn’t still like the old guy…or actually, both of those old guys. I mean, the Devil does that huge art/culture shindig on Mount Brocken every Mayday, Mopey really digs that – and the gold-lettered, personalized invitation she receives for it. While the Professor is, after all, her scientific mentor – and an employer with tolerance for her idiosyncracies, not to forget. So, yeah, she kinda likes both of those old guys, but not when they’re pulling this kind of devious shit on her, which has definitely been less frequent with the Professor, in the good old days.

More on Thursday!

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