Mental exercise – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 14

Meahwhile, back in the not-quite-a-real dungeon, Mopey is in need of a tool. Or actually, even two tools. Primarily a huge mallet to break through the flimsy plasterboard wall, and secondarily the presence of a tool named Biff to help her reach the state of furious rage and rightful indignation she needs to materialize that hammer.

Biff being, as usual, absent on one of the few occasions where Mopey would actuall welcome his presence, she has to make do with a crude representation and some eye-of-the-mind. The chalk drawing works perfectly adequate, of course: being crude actually heightens the resemblance to Biff, at least on a metaphorical level. The drawing is also just about as intelligent as Biff, further enhancing the similarity.

And, yeah, Mopey needs the external stimulus. She can’t summon her mallet from hammerspace by sheer willpower alone, she needs the right mindset, made up of rage and indignation.

I mean, there are a few days every month where she can muster that mindset without external stimulus, but most of the time she can’t.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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