Independence Day Special 2016 – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 13


I don’t usually do specials for that holiday, but since it happened to be a regular update day, and Biff has been sidelined in the plot for so long, I couldn’t resist letting him work his special, personal brand of fireworks-related magic. (More usually more on display on Dec. 31th.)

Don’t ask me how Biff did it. He probably just hit the wall of his cell with his fist in frustration, and that vibration loosened some screw that caused a short circuit in the fire control computer. And if it didn’t happen that way, it happened some other, even less plausible one. The commanding officer can’t quite believe it, himself, as you can see – just check out the stern look he’s giving his subordinate…well, he’s trying.

(And, yeah, Japanese Soryu-class submarines can launch Sidewinder missiles from a tube aft of the sail. If you’ve never heard of them having such a capability, it’s just because it was strictly classified until noon today. =P)

More on Thursday!

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