Fall of the teenage mummy – Chapter 1, Strip 67

Every teenage monster has to meet its end sooner or later. Some simply grow up, the others get torched. + bonus strip!

Don’t miss the bonus strip for a final glimpse at the life and times (and junior prom) of the teenage mummy.

And thus ends the teenage mummy’s grisly reign of terror – Professor Dr. saved the day by correctly guessing Mummy!Snuka’s weak spot. While his logic is faultless once as usual, I’d like to point out that a flamethrower is actually ‘especially effective’ against ANY being, unless it’s made from asbestos and can live without oxygen…

At least Mummy!Snuka gets to prove true bmovie form by falling down a chasm while on fire. Any character on fire has to drop down somewhere in movies, it makes for cool visuals and enables him to die off-stage. (The alternative would be depicting how he crumples to the floor and dies a slow death from severe burns and dehydration, writhing in agony, and that would appeal only to a small sliver of the audience.) There’s another advantage to this kind of fiery exit courtesy of gravity- it makes it possible for the character to survive, and return later as a horribly disfigured maniac bent on revenge.

Snuka escapes that fate barely, but profits from another common b- movie mechanism: Any kind of negative status change in a main character can be remedied by applying excessive violence to him, for which he will later be thankful. In case of survival, naturally.
Still, poor Snuka. If he was Wily E. Coyote, he’d have completely recovered by the next panel. But he isn’t, so he will have to run around on a crutch for the rest of the story arc.

Biff also profits from a classic mechanism: In b-movies, female gratitude is generally directed towards the hunky hero types, independent of their actual contribution to the outcome of events. And he even gets to pull another inexplicably lucid realisation out of nothingness, he really has a good day.

Oh, and have you noted how the scene on the mural in the background of panel one corresponds to the scene in the foreground? – Jiminy, ain’t me comic sofishicated…

New voting incentive! This one is a pic we took for some teen magazine, back when we were still promoting BMC as a college romance story.

Have you wondered what Rutentuten was up to, lately? Even with the teenage mummy gone, he is far from finished – on Monday he will unleashed his most terrible weapon yet. 0.0 Be very afraid.

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