Halloween Special 2005

Happy Halloween, everybody!

I didn’t announce this Halloween special on Thursday, because I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to make it. But I’m glad it worked out, it would have been a shame to have just a ‘normal’ update today, after all, Halloween is the biggest b-movie holiday there is. (That’s why they named a series of b-movies after it.)

Yes, I like pumpkins, how did you know?

This strip is not part of the continuity, of course. Still, it’s nice somebody finally got to see Mopey’s face. But YOU will never ever – BUahahahHAAHhah! (maniacal laughter). The house is the Professor’s, a quaint little Queen-Anne-style one. Mopey has made a habit out of visiting him on Halloween just to spook little kids- ever since they stopped getting anywhere near the place where she lives.
The uncertainty principle is indeed quite shocking, when you realize it’s consequences for the first time, I wonder how the Professor does that, though. ( I admit that a blurring effect would have been closer to the nature of the principle than the mosaic effect I ended up using. I had tried it out, but the blur just made the Professor appear to stand farther away.)

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    1. XD Yeah, I should think of some way to retcon that. Perhaps Mopey had tried out some new eyeliner that day, and something went spectacularly wrong?

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