Terror of the Teenage Mummy. – Chapter 1, Strip 66

Boys will be boys. Undead, mummified boys, perhaps, but still boys.

Check out the bonus strip, for an enlightening glimpse into the ‘Diary of a Teenage Mummy’ <--imagine drippy font, or said in voice suddenly turning eerie. In my opinion, Hollywood, in all it's 'Teenage Monster' type movies, has never come up with a realistic mixture between teenager and monster. I'm sure that a teenage monster, whether it be vampire, werewolf, zombie or whatever, would always be teenager first, and monster second. Just like human teenagers are teenagers first and humans second. Well, some human teenagers are even monster first, and teenager second. But enough with the teen bashing, already... The conversation that Mummy!Snuka recounts is very similar to quite a few I've actually overheard, including the utter lack of actual argumentation. OK, it's also very similar to quite a few I've been part of, but the gaming systems we used to argue about have long passed into oblivion... but I still have that memory expansion cartridge for my first home computer. It expanded RAM by a whopping 3 kb -_-; Second panel shows a classical b-movie shot: the villain towering over the damsel in distress, casting his evil shadow on her wide-eyed fearful face. Of course, if the villain is only pint-sized, he'll have to stand on a box or something. Which, ideally, should not be visible at the edge of the frame... But size no longer matters as much in modern movie making than it did in the past. Claude Rains, who was recognized to be one of the best, and best looking, actors of his time, never got to play leading man in a major production because he was considered to short. Yet he was only half an inch shorter than Tom Cruise, and given the increase in average body height since the 60ties, Cruise is even relatively shorter. Not to mention relatively worse as an actor. (Don't sue me, Tom - I never said you were gay, I just said you're short and a lousy actor.) In Rains' day, every director would have rejected the idea of hiring a 'short' lead and adapt every single shot to the need to obfuscate his height. Times have changed radically, it seems... (In the same vein, Robbie Coltrane, at 6'1" no taller than me, has made a habit out of playing giants in movies...) If I managed to not offend you today (on base of age or size), please vote for me, and check out the forum. And don't miss Monday's update - for the dramatic showdown with the 'Teenage Mummy'! <-- drippy/ eerie again. (Actually, if you miss it, you'll find it in the archives later)

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