Rage of the Teenage Mummy – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 52

Do you know these dreams, where you’re dreaming that you’re dreaming of experiencing a strong feeling of dejavu in a situation, and then you wake up and realize that you’ve dreamt it all before? And then you wake up again and realize that you only dreamt that you had woken up, and you’ve had that experience before, as well?

And this should indeed all feel pretty familiar to Snuka, since he’s already actually been a teenage mummy way back in the first chapter. >_>

Admittedly, he’s not really a teenage mummy right now, just a superficially crisped teenager wrapped all in bandages, but in B-movie terms only the appearance matters, so that’s basically the same thing. Although from his personal viewpoint, not having had his internal organs removed and stored in separate jars is probably a boon. He’s grown quite attached to his spleen.*

Of course, it doesn’t really feel familiar to Snuka, even if it should…because at the moment he can feel nothing but red-hot reptilian rage, induced by his mind’s unfortunate take-over by the somewhat more atavistic outlook on life his favorite kaiju had in the non-Euklidian insides of its skull.

This had indeed never happened in any of the test-runs…but don’t blame the Professor. He had told Lt.Watanabe/Snuka that they should do a thousand test-runs to achieve a sufficient sample size for his analysis, but Snuka just collapsed with exhaustion after only 183. All slackers, those millenials.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*He might have enjoyed the embalming, though, since that might have covered up his burnt smell.

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