Eyecid Reflux – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 51

Knowing the Professor, it likely comes a no surprise that he doesn’t only have a Plan B, he has a Plan C as well – even if it’s only a retread of Plan A. He might even have a Plan D, but that would likely only be Plan B retreaded. No words yet on a possible Plan E, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Guy likes his planning.

Also notice that Snuka’s practically as good as new again, just like I said he would. They gave him some ointment, an ice pack and an ice cream, and now he’s hardly smoldering at all. I think the ice cream did the most good. ._.

If you look closely, you might notice some further, subtle differences to what happened when they tried this trick for the first time. Looks like it was a mistake to go with the cheaper type of crystals* for the back-up mind control pojector “because it’s just a back-up, after all.”

* No idea what they’re there for, but these scifi devices always include crystals somewhere. >_>

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