Facing the issues – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 50

This week’s theme seems to be ‘big questions’, and everyone in today’s strip is asking himself some.

The ground forces commander is visible struggling with his responsibility. Not only his responsibility for the health and safety of people in the Kanto region, but also his responsibility for greenlighting the purchase of the model 85 tank, which hasn’t really stood up to requirements very well up to now. So you can’t blame him for breaking out in a cold sweat – if the population of Tokyo gets decimated, he’ll have some explaining to do, but that’s nothing compared what will happen once he has the fiscal responsibilty board after him for possibly misspending actual money. >_>

The mecha pilot, on the other hand, is facing existential questions. But he constantly does that, so no biggie.

While the ground forces commander’s chief executive officer faces the pressing question of…uh…of..
…of why the hell his radar set has a feature that can tell giant robotic monsters from giant organic monsters. As useful as that is, at this one, very specific moment in time, you have to wonder who wrote that requirement into the original public tender. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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