Drums on the Aravanadi – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 49

Fortunately, the Mecha-Kaiju has made up for the time lost in his ultra-slow movement up to ground level with an ultra-quick transit to Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. Apparently, there was no congestion on the sea floor, and all of the trafic signs were green.

That, and throwing in a gratuitous cameo by Disney’s Ariel would really have taken things a bit too far.

Another reason for the unusually uneventful trip from Aravanadi to Japan is that the Professor has managed to overcome one of the key problems with the original EVA design: the restrictions imposed by the need for the umbilical cord connecting the Mecha to its external power source. The Professor didn’t get rid of the cord as such, but he’s bought the Guangzhou Circle and coverted it to the very thing it was really always intended to be: a giant cable drum. With a 1000 miles of umbilical cord available, it’s really no longer much of a restriction.

The only drawback: Once Steve-01 has fulfilled its mission, I don’t envy whoever* has to spool all of that cable back in again. ._.

* likely Lt. Watanabe/Snuka.

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