Moving on up! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 48

Alright, after a small distraction or two, operation “Launch the Mecha-Kaiju!” is all go and back on schedule.

Somehow, the plumbers ultimately made their way inside, despite Asuka’s reaction – perhaps they just used the pipes. After all, it works like that in Super Mario, and it’s not like Mopey hasn’t been doing basically the same thing. In any case, they made it in and dealt with whatever minor issues the plumbing had. You really can’t blame the Professor for those – he didn’t even know that carnivorous plants and mutated turtles were a frequent plubming problem. He doesn’t play a lot of video games.

They should have asked Snuka to decide on safety features for the plumbing system, that could have saved them a lot of time. Which they could have needed – while the launch is back on schedule, the schedule itselfs suffers somewhat from Admiral Watanabe’s decision to only spring for an old-fashioned, hand-crank operated lift to move the mecha-kaiju out of its cage. It makes the whole sequence rather less spectacular than it usualy is. ._.

But they couldn’t just do aways with it in total, that would have broken with tradition. So, despite the kaiju being housed in an (obviously) custom-desigend building of the correct size, and earlier being seen on the ground floor, they had to somehow move it to the basement in order to move it back up in style when the time comes. With the huge cost of constructing the otherwise superfluous basement, there just wasn’t enough money left to make sure that the style is up to snuff.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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