Halloween Special 2016 – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 47


And here, again, is this year’s special episode for the most important B-movie holiday of the year.

With the main cast being too widely dispersed (and too much at odds with each others) to go trick-or-treating together, it’s up to the supporting cast to pick up the slack. As luck would have it, two of the cameo characters are already wearing outfits that have become increasingly popular choices for Halloween costumes (especially for siblings). Unfortunately for them, another cameo opens the door – since Shinji spends Halloween hiding under his bed, out of tradition, Asuka has to pick up the slack for him. Something she’s used to, of course, but that doesn’t mean that she likes it. (Or likes anything, more like it.)

Don’t worry, this will be her only appearance in the chapter. Shinji has demanded a clause to that effect in his contract. >_> Nobody’s blaming him. (And, yes, Asuka can slam an automatic sliding door. Nobody knows how she does it, she just does. It’s part of her special grumpiness powers.)

As a sidenote with reference to last year’s Halloween special: Back then I wrote that Mopey was working on her leadership skills, and now 12 months later we can attest that they’ve really improved by leaps and bounds! Too bad that she’s lost the few remaining other members of her team since then, leaving her stuck with leading only herself. Skillfully.

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