Gummi mummy – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 53

Oh, you should see the OSHA regulations concerning giant mecha operation facilities. They’re similarly massive to the mecha themselves. ._.

Not that that’s entirely unjustified, of course – a towering combat robot chock-full of advanced weaponry could easily kill somebody, if you’re not careful, and of course we wouldn’t want that.

And, apart from the OSHA regulations, I think their hired pilot would also have insisted on the installation of the bakelite containment system. “Better safe than sorry.” is his life’s motto…or would be, if he got his way.

And, on the third hand, such a system is also generally convenient to have around in the presence of Snuka…although for that it would not have needed to be installed in the mecha-bay or the mind-control lab, but in the room that has the safe with the payroll. Not that it matters, since Snuka’s currently two levels of consciousness down in his own body.

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