Mecha vs. Mechanized – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 54

Courtesy of the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Forces, the Mecha-Kaiju gets to show of his diverse weaponry for later reference. The outcome is pre-ordained, but it’s a necessary step.

As befits the occasion, an elegant blend of special effects and stock footage is used. There’s a slight discrepancy between the two types of footage, as far as the model of tank employed is concerned – but it’s close enough by B-movie standards. If you look up “tank” in a dictionary, there’s a diagramm with labeled parts, and all of the tanks used here have all of those parts. What more could one expect.

So let’s take a note of what’s there. The Mecha-Kaiju has a prismatic ray (‘prismatic’ pretty much meaning ‘rainbow-colored’ in this context) its fingertips are unguided (?) missiles, which grow back/have reloads available (one of my favorite features on the original Mecha-Godzilla) and a tactical* knife (in honor of the shonen pilot, and of the crazy idea in general).

Naturally, there is also one further, secret weapons system that will be revealed at the appropriate moment. That’s also a must.

Happy Thanksgiving to anybody concerned, and more on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* It was a severe disappointment that we only ever got to see the tactical knife. I’d really have loved to see how big the operational knife is, let alone the strategic knife. ._.

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