Portable Shredder – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 55

And another character arc successfully concluded – with the Ground Forces having suffered unambiguous defeat, it is time for the character called Ground Forces senior officer to exit the stage right.

Notice how his outcome was a lot more favourable than that of his Air Force colleague. The level of defeat was the same, yet he managed to escape with his career and retirement benefits at least largely intact – and all that thanks to simple, good old-fashioned proactive paper trail management. I think this can provide a valuable lesson to all of us: always keep aware of where the paper trail connected to your decisions ends up – and whether that place has blast-proof doors. >_>

By my count, that leaves only the Naval Forces still in the race (the intelligence agencies having forfeited their place in the starting grid since they haven’t yet noticed that anything is going on). And one out of three is bad even by Meat Loaf’s standards, and that’s before you realize that the Navy’s horses in this race are Biff and Lt. Dapi. ._.

Who will save Japan now?

(Since it’s a given it will be safed, and reasonably certain it won’t be Biff and Lt. Dapi.)

More on Thursday.

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