Fandumb – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 12

So that’s what neutrality setting four looks like. Sweden, of course, is also a very, very neutral country. Very. The time machine still apparently considers them slightly less neutral than Switzerland. I wonder why, possibly because the Swiss…*cough*didn’tlettheWehrmachtusetheirrailwaysduringthewar*cough*.

Aside from neutrality, the time machine seems to assume Swedes dress like normal people, apparently they didn’t program anything about ABBA into its database. But I guess the outfits of both professors, Biff and Snuka are ordinary enough to begin with, and as for Mopey, she might pass for a Black Metal fan, I’ve heard there’s quite a few of those in Sweden. Probably not in 1899, though – but given the distance between South Africa and Sweden, and the limits on communication at that time, I guess it would appear plausible enough that people dress like that in the far North.

The Professor seems to be feeling a bit under the weather, possibly partly due to not being accustomed to the climate at the Cape. Possibly also partly due to frustration. He carefully avoided the phrase “Let’s split up” this time, in order to prevent that other weird blond jock from showing up…but his alternative phrasing didn’t really get precisely the desired reaction from his standard blond jock. And you can’t even blame Biff for his interpretation – he can really do with a little bit of relief from the heat, and the A/C hasn’t been invented yet.

More on Thursday.

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