Running in place – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 11

Yeah, Lee isn’t that much into ad-libbing, he generally prefers sticking to the script pretty closely – which is why the script should be formatted very clearly. Which, apparently, it isn’t. Not that this is only thing the script should be, but isn’t, ‘good’ immediately springing to mind. But Lee’s delivery continues to improve, so there’s that, at least.

Speaking of bad scripting, as you might have noted, I’ve come across a way to compress an overly long gag into a single strip – normally, I’d have gotten a month worth of strips from Dr. Fu’s repeated trips to the bathroom, but this way it’s all done and over with in a single, large panel. And as you can see, it essentially boils down to a combination of poor self-control on the Dr.’s part and a highly unfortunated concentration of beverage-centered attractions between the station’s restroom area and wherever it is that the Dr. is heading. Although you could still blame the Dr. Fu for both, since he could have known about that unfortunate concentration from historical sources, and prepared accordingly. And how? It depends.

More on Monday.

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