Feeding Frenzy Examplified – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 14

To illustrate the further progress of the boys rating part of the girls talk, Nolan simply recycled some footage from one of his earlier movies, “Gigalodon vs. Megapiranhas”.

Which is extremely ecologically responsible, since this footage was recycled footage from an ad for the local aquarium to begin with – so it’s been recycled twice over already. Nolan’s CO2 footprint keeps shrinking while his account balance keeps growing, how many other business ventures can lay claim to something like that?

But, yeah, it’s predator vs. predator in that sort of situation, since the intended prey is -fortunately- not allowed to be present for girls talk sessions. So it’s bloody and brutal, but usually there’s not permanent damage. For the record, here’s an excerpt from the final ranking, covering the named characters already introduced:

1. Mori-senpai

2. Kipu-kun

6. Gregory-kun

18. Bifu-kun

19. Snuka

43. Jimmy-sensei

I think that’s pretty sound judgement, by and large. Including the lack of honorifics for Snuka…

More on Thursday.

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