Dispassionate Data – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 13

The continuation of the girls talk allows Akane and Megumi to show off their great teamwork. The roles are distributed like you would expect: Akane is charged with acquiriig the HUMINT, and Megumi is the dispassionate analyst.

And it’s largely thanks to Megumi that this particular instant of girls talk boys talk is a lot more data-driven than the average…she still struggles with the ‘dispassionate’ part of dispassionate analysis, but that happens to the best of analysts at time. Overall her future looks very bright with her data-centric approach to things. That’s what future employers look for, these days.

Akane’s human-centric approach is less in demand in the professional world, although you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the marketing copy. Still, she’s going to do well enough for herself with her particular skills, since they are kinda timeless – and not everything is business.

The only one without a bright future in Mopey, but we all know that that’s exactly how she likes it.*

More on Monday.

* When in her established form, that is.

4 Replies to “Dispassionate Data – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 13”

  1. It was a dumb joke and I saw it coming a mile away; but still, I laughed out loud at it.

  2. I’m certain they’ll come up with something they can pull off while this all goes down.

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