Sparkly Max – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 12

While (or perhaps after, the chronology isn’t terribly established) the class Snuka and the Professor are in is ravaged by extreme levels of boredom induced by math, Mopey has a little chat session with her assigned besties. It’s up to you to decide whether that’s any better.

Mopey seems to doubt it, herself, but she has something of a tendency to perceive the negative. >_>

While the boys talk on the rooftop turned to girls in a desperately awkward way, the girls talk gets turned towards boys in an enthusiastic and definite manner by Akane – who, obviously, has much more experience with being a teenager than the team has. Being a supporting character, and a relatively new one at that, obviously gave her ample time to read up on the subject and hone her skills.

The same goes for Megumi, although her general character profile would seem to suggest she did even more reading but not quite as much honing.

Mopey, on the other hand, shows her lack of knowledge and/or practice by not taking part in the obligatory “swooning over the most eligible swoon-target” part. And that despite the fact that Mori-senpai is, indeed, a most eligible swoon-target, based on his rank, looks and style. But getting Mopey to swoon probably takes even more than that – or perhaps not more, strictly speaking, but just less conventional strong points.

I addition to being obligatory, the whole thing also provides a perfect frame for introducing Mori, of whom more later. What a fortunate coincidence! >_>

More on Thursday.

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