Q. E. D. – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 11

Breaktime is over, and we’re back in Snuka’s and the Professor’s class…math class, to be exact. A subject that no normal human being likes, so the Professor has liked it extra hard his whole life. Spite is an awesome force.

The teacher seems to be pretty good at his job, since he’s managed to knock out all of the pupils save Snuka and the Professor…and Snuka is at the edge of consciousness. But the Professor is still very alert…while high-school level maths naturally bore him, he was looking forward to getting to demonstrate a problem on the board, and the excitement kept him awake.

Afraid of what was to come, the teacher made sure it was an easy problem…but of course the Professor can complicate even the most basic of math problems by taking a big picture approach and expanding on the issue on a world-leading-mathematician level. And: great success! Now everyone in the class is asleep, including the teacher.

Unfortunately, Snuka is now dead. But his soul is still hovering near his body, so chances are good the two can be reconciled eventually. It’s happened before.

Harder to say whether the mobs survived all of this – but since they are mobs, who cares? There’s always more where they came from.

More on Monday.

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