Feng Shui Fail – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 71

After a short moment of languishing in his embarrassment, DM manages to reestablish an outlook on the big picture. And since the big picture is decidedly great for him, it perks him up immediately!

As you probably would have guessed, since it’s stock-plot #345, the whole portal/summoning thing was ultimately aimed at bringing an even bigger, more evil evil into the world than DM is on his own. Superior to him in both power as well as hierarchy, of course, which is why he’s using the proper form of address for it: master. Evil is remarkably hierarchically organized, it seems. Suspiciously orderly, if you ask me. >_>

The other fellow, whom we have seen sitting on his throne in his dark lair in an earlier chapter, is obviously also subordinate to the new, bigger and better evil. Which leaves it open whether he’s above or below DM in the pecking order, but the remarkable similarity in pose and expression would lead one to assume that he’s on a somewhat similar level. If he was an higher evil than DM, he’d made sure to strike a slightly more restrained and majestic pose than him, for that’s how that works with evil hierarchies.

The rest of the emergence of this new evil goes exactly as planned – in function, if not in form. Due to a careless oversight on part of the architect, the great evil does not burst forth from the portal in a massive wave of darkness and crackling, evil energies, but has to arise practically unseen in the other corner of the room. Disappointingly unspectacular, but at least it provides opportunity for the adventurers to do a spit-take. If you feel like it, you could even consider it some sort of lesson into how the greater an evil is, the less noticeable it is, or something along those lines.

As for the outtake, that was just a hierarchical misunderstanding. Anime has a strict hierarchical system, just like evil, so every now and then someone will mix something up. >_> The pink cheeks don’t really work on a giant, demonic shadow, if you ask me.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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