Finish him! – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 12

It might seem brutal and inhuman, but it’s probably really the only way to find out. This sort of information is always and ever only possesed by a single person, that’s just a narrative reality you have to face. And being tiny old men, both candidates are highly, and equally, qualified to be the knowledgable one. So the Highlander approach seems to be the obvious solution: There can be only one. Due to the size of the contestants, the swords had to be downgraded to knifes, though.

This strip brought up an interesting question, though: I had never before thought about what Snuka would call the Professor, since he’s also his adoptive dad. Calling him ‘Professor’ (like everyone else) seemed a little too formal, but calling him ‘Dad’ somehow didn’t suit the Professor right. So I’ve decided Snuka calls him ‘Professordad’. Why make tough choices as long as there’s mushy compromise?

My tiny old dutchman might not look stereotypically dutch enough, actually. I later realized that the reference I googled probably refered to “Pennsylvania Dutch”, i.e. Amish. Ah well, don’t sweat the details… >_>

More on Monday.

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