Squid pro quo – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 11

*clapclapclap* Well done, Mopey. It really shows that this isn’t your first rodeo – you already know all the obligatory steps involved in this kind of interaction with a would-be informer, and you waste no time getting through them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Really well done.

The British currency, officially known as “Ye most honorable and serene poude Sterling”, is colloquially referred to as a quid, not a squid. But you’re in luck, regarding that little slip-up: most Dutch really like seafood.

And the other little thing: that outfit you’re wearing is not really a typical German tourist outfit. The clerk at the costume shop was actually being sarcastic when he said that. But you’re in luck again, since barmen never look up when they’re in the process of passing on confidential information. They’re always pretending to concentrate on wiping the counter in such moments. In the seedier bars, these are allegedly the only times they ever wipe the counter.

More on Thursday.

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