Still better than Groucho glasses – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 10

Yeah, Snuka has still got his “little Dutch Maid” outfit, which he wore for a while after coming back from the Netherlands of the Force sometime back. He may not be fond of it, but it’ll definitely come in handy – in fact, it suits the task at hand perfectly!

Which is a lot more than the Professor dared to expect. After all, he said only “we have to disguise ourselves”, not “we have to disguise ourselves in some way that makes sense and leaves us less conspicuous than before”. A younger, less jaded Professor might have tried that, but by now he has long realized that it wouldn’t help, anyway. Typically, he settles for everybody picking some random disguise…at the very least, it makes sure that nobody can describe their little group to the police and be believed. Small comforts, and such.

I don’t know much of the ethnographic layout of London, actually. But they have a Chinese quarter in the Fu Manchu novels, so I assume they have separate quarters for all other nationalities as well. And why would the Urkainian and Dutch sections not be next to each other? It would make sense not to have people from neighboring countries in neighboring quarters – typically, nations get along with directly neighboring nations the worst. Plus variety, and such.

More on Monday.

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