Fire in the Brain – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 28

I wouldn’t really say that Mopey’s capability for self-assessment is beyond reproach, but in this case she’s was dead-on: She thought she was never going to make it without her own help, and she really didn’t.

Which is not that surprising, at the end of the day, since most people are pretty reliant on themselves to get things done. What makes the issue somewhat more complex in Mopey’s case is the fact that the two parts of her personality are so very distinct, especially at the moment. But the basic mechanism remains the same, I guess – self-reliance, once removed.

As far as the survival of demonic!Mopey is concerned, I claim that it isn’t even a stretch. After all, she was shown to enjoy taking a bath in magma just before that hell-quake, so why would she die from being submerged in it? Mundane things like lack of oxygen are too…well, mundane too cause a demon’s demise, I’d say. Add to that the issue with Mopey’s split personalities: if you have a demonic side and a non-demonic side, is there really any realistic chance that the demonic side would die before the non-demonic one? The sheer humiliation of that sort of outcome would be enough to nearly kill a demon – but only nearly, because it just the kind of situation in which a demon would steadfastly refuse to die.

So, Mopey’s demonic side is still alive! Could this prove to be the break that our heroes need to get out of their current, option-less start? You bet it will. After all, for what other reason would this be happening at this specific point in the plot?

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  1. There are some cases where the more ‘evil’ personality has died first, e.g. Halleluja in Gundam 00, but yes, it’s rare. And when it happens, it’s often a ‘either we both die or I sacrifice myself so the other one can live’ situation, which is kind of strange anyway ’cause they share a body.

    1. Yeah, there are exceptions and special cases. But demonic!Mopey sacrificing herself so her “good” side can live is definitely not going to happen. Her own name might be somewhere on her list of potential sacrificial lambs, but nowhere near the top, and definitely far below that of her good side. The only privilege she affords her good side in that regard is that she isn’t at the top of the list – since that place, naturally, firmly belongs to Snuka. XD

    1. Funnily enough, female allegories of liberty in French Art are frequently semi-nude, as in the famous Delacroix painting of “Liberty Leading the People”. So the design for the Statue of Liberty already took American sensibilities in account by keeping her wrapped up feet to neck. XD

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