Flaring impatience – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 24

And here Professor Chronometricos points out the other side to Professor Doctor’s discovery of conditional time-flow: Even if you could be too late on time when going at a leisurely pace, what about appearances? Shouldn’t a hero better hurry in an emergency situation, just for the sake of looking sufficiently heroic? Especially if the hero’s is of an age where some people might feel he had to prove something when it comes to still being up for the job…

Unfortunately, the whole thing was tl;dl for the rest of our friends long before that point, and they’re not now available to spring into action immediately – but when they return, they will be fortified with sugar and cocoa butter, so there’s that. And Mopey did think of leaving the Professor some way to get in contact. I mean, he could have used his cellphone, but Mopey knows how much he dislikes that technology. A flare gun is far more his style – it’s got something classic about it, with a bit of a flare of nautical or aerial derring-do.
And, in her defence, chances were pretty good that they could step out for an hour or two without the two professors even being finished with their discussion before they got back – at 14 panels, that discussion was actually comparatively short.

The Professor should just have thought of the first rule of using a flare gun: Never inside, especially not in a building with a thatched roof. ._.

That almond crunch & despair flavor is surprisingly good, by the way. They’re not using real despair to flavor it, of course. Only powdered financial hardship. That’s quite efficient because they’re employees were undergoing that anyway…

More on Monday.

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