Bladder blunder – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 25

Traveling can be tough when you’ve got a weak bladder, and time traveling is no exception. Dr. Dutchman Fu is losing valuable time here, especially because he seems to have forgotten that there is no bathroom – his hideout features only torture rooms and a command center. Seems like a stupid mistake to make for a hideout planer, but you’d be surprised at how often it happens.

But it’s a good thing the dread Doctor suffered this little setback – it should give the Professors enough time to collect the part of their team that have wandered of boredly, and do something about the conflagration in the upper storeys. It thought about adding another unit to the rank stupidity counter for both sides, but ultimately decided that both incidents still qualify as standard stupidity, not rank one.

As for the design of Dr. Dutchman Fu’s time machine – well, I basically had to choose which one of two iconic time machine designs to rip off: The Police Box from Dr. Who, and the slightly steampunkish time machine from the 1960 movie of that name. And, well…it’s kinda obvious which one was faaaaar easier to recreate in 3D… XD …it’s basically a box, took less than 30 minutes…

More on Thursday.

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